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Greek Salad Daze

The perfect salad with SeaCrets Inspiration, Fiala and Zeo Breadsticks

The words Greek and Salad are joyfully entwined and conjure up an enticing vision of luscious red tomatoes and crisp cucumbers, flavourful oregano, caper leaves, shiny olives and crumbled feta.


A hot summer beckons us to the salad table and A Magic Cabinet has all the ingredients for the perfect dressing. Fiala olive oil is not only aromatic but encased in a curvaceous ceramic flask which graces any table.

The choice of Greek balsamic vinegars has multiplied recently but the alternative of clear wine vinegars has not developed as well. The brand Seacrets Inspirations has changed that, offering a range of exemplary condiments infused with herbs. 

Zeo breadsticks have taken the ubiquitous grissini and turned it into a crunchy contemporary breadstick which adds texture to any salad. 


All the Greek essentials for a quintessential salad, celebrating the joys and the tastes of summer.


SeaCrets Inspiration

This family business is based in Kalamata, in Messinia, in the Peloponnese. They produce their own oil, vinegars and preserves. Additionally, they curate premium sea salt, herbs and honey for the brand. 

The name of the brand is a wordplay, as they wanted to combine the element of the Greek sea with the “secrets” of the Mediterranean cuisine.  

The brand was established in 2000, yet the family has been cultivating olive trees since the 1950s. Their Koroneiki olive groves are located in Navarino.


Their honey and sea salt are from Mani and their aromatic herbs are collected by hand from Mount Taygetos.

SeaCreats’s latest inspiring addition is a collection of four handmade jams made of strawberry, apricot, fig from Kalamata and raspberry.



Fiala is the brand name of a monovarietal early harvest extra virgin olive.

The olive oil is produced by the Mpepi and Cheliotis families, which have a long history of olive oil making. Their olive groves are located in Lakonia, in the Peloponnese and Fiala is made entirely from Koroneiki olives. 

As an early harvest olive oil, it has a high phenolic concentration and is rich in polypenolic vitamins and organoleptic characteristics. It possesses a fruity aroma of freshly cut grass and artichoke, with a slightly spicy and bitter aftertaste.


Fiala’s handcrafted container is inspired by the local traditions and customs of the Peloponnese. Its shape is reminiscent of the “fkiala”, or “flaskia”, a dried water pumpkin, which locals have used since antiquity to transfer olive oil from larger storage jars.  

A hot summer beckons us to the salad table and A Magic Cabinet has all the ingredients for the perfect dressing. 


Zeo Breadsticks

Zeo Bakers was established in 2013 in Thessaloniki. They produce handmade baked products such as breadsticks, pastries and cereal bars. 

Tasos Halvatzis and Sarantis Thedorou, started to create their own bakery products in order to fulfil the need for catering for their personal businesses. Their products became popular through word of mouth all around the city of Thessaloniki and that gave them the idea to begin Zeo.   


The name of the brand reflects the passion of its founders for baking. Zeo in ancient Greek means “to boil” and is the root word for “zeal”. 

They started in a small workshop but in only three years they moved into their new facilities of 2,500 square metres. 

Zeo is a modern baking company respecting tradition yet applying a modern approach. They bake by hand but use innovative new recipes using only virgin olive oil.


All the Greek essentials for a quintessential salad, celebrating the joys and the tastes of summer.




Eugenia Chandris

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