Features - 07.03.2019


Meet the brand that makes products based on donkey milk and their signature and internationally certified handmade soap, containing donkey's milk and olive oil
Features - 19.03.2019


Meet the company that successfully adapts superfoods, such as aronia and goji berries to Greek healthy eating habits by producing original recipes and unique flavours
Features - 06.03.2019

To Ntoulapi tis Giagias

This cottage industry is based on Tinos island and produces traditional local delicacies, such as handmade pasta, rusks, sauces, starters, and sweets of the spoon
Features - 01.03.2019

Nikolaos Verykokkos

After a prolonged decline, the heritage of Naxian marble cutting is now fortunately being refreshed and renewed by artists such as Nikolaos Verikokkos who creates a series of wonderful objects
Features - 28.02.2019


Explore the unique aroma and high quality of the Peloponnesian Truffle variety by tasting Hydnon's excellent culinary product blends such as Truffle oil and Truffle salt
Features - 22.02.2019

Molly Virginia Made

The Richmond, Virginia-based designer finds colour inspiration in her everyday life, experimenting with leather marbling and creating unique handmade objects and accessories
Features - 21.02.2019

Elli & Manos

Foodies and chefs, these mustards are made with only the finest of ingredients and stand out for their intense, authentic Greek flavour!
Features - 21.02.2019

Amvrosia Gourmet

Indulge in traditional Greek gastronomy complemented by a classic brand that offers a bountiful and exotic selection of salts, herbs and spreads
Features - 11.02.2019

Anassa Organics

With sleek and contemporary branding, this company embraces the ancient ritual of brewing tea and infusions, imbuing it with a premium significance for our current lifestyle
Features - 11.02.2019

Lord Amber Aged Tsipouro

Vladikas Winery and Distillery has created an unusual tsipouro in all respects: aged for two years, its taste is deep with a strong bouquet of aromas reminiscent of whisky
Features - 11.02.2019

To Vouno

Discover the story behind an organic certified extra virgin olive oil of proud Zakynthian heritage and superior quality
Features - 06.02.2019

Xenia Lekanidi

Photographer and Artist Xenia Lekanidi creates exceptionally conceptual decorative objects with sleek surfaces and arresting colour contrasts
Features - 06.02.2019

Anopaea Organic Estate

Based in a protected area, in the beautiful region of Fthiotida, this small business is rightly renowned for its awarded, distinctive organic olive olive, Sacrum Donum
Features - 06.02.2019

Avantes Distillery

Introducing "Grace Gin", the brands' rare and innovative spirit with unique greek aromas, robust character and lots of charisma

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