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My primal recollection of a bar is from knee-height. On a balcony in our summer house in Chios, I observed my mother pouring drinks into glasses scarcely lined with ice. I watched water turn the ouzo into a cloudy potion and glasses the size of big thimbles filled with clear or tawny tsipouro. There were also viscous mastichas and bitter almond and sour cherry liqueurs on hand.

Bitter Almond Liqueur Kakitsis
Andrikeio Ouzo Kakitsis
Ouzo 7 Tetteris

Ouzo 7 Tetteris


Ouzo 5 Tetteris

Ouzo 5 Tetteris


Mastiha Liqueur Tetteris
Traditional Ouzo Apalarina
Blossom Water Apalarina
Rose Water Apalarina
Mastic Liqueur Apalarina
Aged Tsipouro Lord Amber Vladikas
Bluebay Gin Spiliopoulos
Grace Gin

Grace Gin


Ouzo Kazanisto Stoupakis
Tsipouro Pelada

Tsipouro Pelada


Wild Cherry Liqueur Prekas
Vodka 40 41 Spiliopoulos

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