The “Climate Coalition” Is Taking Action against Climate Change

From the 20th to the 27th of September 2019, student marches are taking place all around the world, using the United Nations summit on climate change on September 23rd as the focal point.


On the 20th of September millions of people will abstain from work and take to the streets to join environmental groups, demanding climate justice for all.

«Change the system, not the climate» is the central motto of all environmental groups, including Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s student movement #Fridays for future.





More than 1000 companies and webpages are joining the Digital Climate Strike, answering the call of millions of young people around the world.  Imgur, Tumblr and WordPress will offer free advertising space and banners promoting the strike. Some companies like Burton and Patagonia are being more proactive and will be closing their physical and digital stores on the 20th of September, motivating their staff and customers to join the strike. 






During the week of student protests against climate change starting from the 20th, the 31 organisations that form the «Climate Coalition» in Greece are supporting the Greek student movement «Fridays For Future Greece».

On September 20th students won’t be going to school and will be joining in peaceful marches demanding urgent action. 

The students’ request is clear: «We have allowed our socio-economic system to develop in such a way that it’s seriously damaged the ecosystem and has brought the planet to a crisis point. We have little time left to act and we need everyone’s support. Governments across the world are not showing the necessary dedication to solving the issue. It’s time we showed them what to do by fighting for ourselves and future generations. We need you all on our side!»







Nancy Fanara

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