Summer Could Only Mean One Thing: It’s Festival Time!

The highlights of the Athens and Epidaurus, as well as the Kalamata Dance, festivals

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival returns for another year, with big productions, major artists and a diverse programme. With the new series of events “Opening To The City”, the festival is strengthening its ties with the city of Athens. Events include walks and interactive shows which invite attendees to discover parts of the city centre as well as activities including the redevelopment of certain areas by recovering addicts.



A Magic Cabinet’s picks for the Athens and Epidaurus, as well as the Kalamata Dance, festivals are:

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Loreena McKennitt

27/6, 21.00

Canadian musician, singer, composer and producer Loreena McKennitt, brings her Celtic sound to the Herodion. Her music has been used in many TV shows and she has composed the soundtracks for films like Highlander III and Disney’s Tinkerbell.


Dead Can Dance

3/7, 21.00

Australians Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard draw inspiration from Greek mythology and tradition. Just a few meters from the theatre of Dionysus, the audience will have a chance to enjoy tracks from their new albun, Dionysus, inspired by none other than the god himself!


13/7, 21.00

The Tindersticks are bringing their unique cinematic sounds to Athens for a one-off show at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, directed by Stavros Tsakiris

29 & 30/8


Prometheus Bound is a classic Aeschylus play, staged here by the Patras Municipal and Regional Theatre. Artistic Director, Stavros Tsakiris, calls this play “one of the most enlightened of all times”.

Andrea Bocelli


Italian classical music legend, Andrea Bocelli, joins the great line-up of shows at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.



Piraeus 260

Romeo Castelucci, La vita nuova

6/7, 21.00, 7-9/7, 21.00 & 23.00

Τhe always inventive Romeo Castelucci, takes us on a journey to his world through his new play “New Life / La Vita Nuova”, inspired by Ernst Bloch’s “The Spirit Of Utopia”.

Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Saigon

28 & 29/6, 21.00

Caroline Guiela Nguyen tells a tale set in Paris in 1996, where a group of exiled Vietnamese get permission to return to Saigon.


Manos Karajoyiannis, Strange Doors

11-15/7, 21.00

Nena Menti presents the unpublished text given to her by Manos Eleftheriou, recorded five years before his death. “Strange Doors”, directed by Manos Karajoyiannis as a journey to Syria in the early 20th century, becomes more pertinent than ever in these troubled times.

Omar Rajeh - Maqamat, #minaret

25&26/6 21.00Omar Rajeh, one of the most dynamic ambassadors of modern dance in the Middle East, uses the artfrom to recount the horrors of war.  Since 2002, Rajeh and his group Maqamat, have been a huge part of the development of dance in the region, establishing the international dance platform BIPOD, now in its 16th year.

Ancient Epidaurus Theatre

Comedie Francaise/ Ιvo van Hove «Electra / Orestes»

26 & 27/7, 21.00


Comédie-Française, the troupe first established by Moliere’s actors in 1680, visits the ancient theatre of Epidaurus for the very first time, offering their take on the Euripidean tragedy. Dutch director Ivo van Hove, adds his own spin to the story of Electra and Orestes. Bound to be one of the most talked about shows of the season.

Stathis Livathinos, The Suppliants

5-6/7, 21.00

The artistic director of the Greek National Theatre collaborates with the National Theatre of Cyprus, directing a tragedy by Euripides that is very rarely staged. The cast includes Kora Karvouni, Anna Gagiozi and Katia Dandoulaki.


Konstantinos Markoulakis, Oedipus Rex


12-13/7, 21.00

The classic Sophoclean tragedy directed by Konstantinos Markoulakis with a stellar cast which includes Dimitris Lignadis, Amalia Moutousi, Nikos Chatzopoulos and Konstantinos Avarikiotis.



Kalamata International Dance Festival


The 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival will take place from the 19th to the 28th of July, playing host to acclaimed artists like Akram Khan and Béla Tarr, who rarely performs in Greece, and a whole host of the best Greek performers. The rich schedule will showcase many kinds of modern dance and includes outdoor shows, documentaries and other film screenings, a photography exhibition and a series of educational events




Nancy Fanara

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