A Magic Cabinet in the editorial gaze

Greek media have supported the holistic editorial and online shopping experience that A Magic Cabinet offers, from the moment we launched.

A Magic Cabinet made its maiden voyage in the online world in December 2018.

In the last 12 months, we have showcased 79 young and established producers and designers. Twenty contributors from the worlds of business, science, fashion, art and gastronomy have shared their most treasured objects and best kept secrets, opening up a door to new discoveries and storytelling.





We also organised our press launch and had our first pop up store.

Every step of the way, we had the backing of the Greek media who supported our business by promoting our site and our events but above all, by introducing their readers to A Magic Cabinet’s philosophy and the holistic experience we aim to provide our visitors, combining an online shopping and editorial hub.

Madame Figaro, one of the biggest women’s magazines, published an interview with our founder Eugenia Chandris, in their January issue. In it she shares her love for New York and Mykonos, her beauty secrets and some of her favourite pass times and products, some of which you can purchase in our online store.

Kathimerini’s English supplement, GREECE IS, aims to introduce Greece to an international audience and has included our platform, mentioning both our unique products and our celebrity bloggers.




Nancy Fanara

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