Our collaboration with a fashion workshop taking a stand against people trafficking

At A Magic Cabinet, we aim to offer our customers a unique experience, with a focus on a commercial code of ethics based on innovation and social awareness, therefore we very carefully choose our products and collaborators. We are particularly proud of our collaboration with SOFFA (Social Fashion Factory), who will be printing and sewing our product packaging. Everything you order will arrive wrapped in fabric, following the traditional Japanese Furoshiki method.

This Social Fashion Factory, established by Dr Fiori Zafeiropolou in an attempt to revive her father’s business (Zita Hellas), is taking a stand against the fashion industry’s reputation on issues of human trafficking. Her ambition is to employ sex trade victims and refugees and develop a sustainable, ethical fashion business.


Dr Fiori Zafeiropoulou, SOFFA founder and Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Greece, spoke to A Magic Cabinet about the birth of SOFFA, modern day slavery and the growth of socially responsible businesses in Greece.

The tragic accident at the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, shone a spotlight on the dark side of fashion, an industry employing 25m modern day slaves. It gave birth to the Fashion Revolution movement which brings together designers willing to break this chain.

This Social Fashion Factory, established by Dr Fiori Zafeiropolou in an attempt to revive her father’s business (Zita Hellas), is taking a stand against the fashion industry’s reputation on issues of human trafficking. 

SOFFA is a Greek initiative, launched on a minimal budget, with the aim of helping unemployed fashion professionals, textile academics as well as designers. It’s an outward looking business as its clients include designers from places as far afield as Sweden and Singapore.

There are three tiers to its model: the SOFFA Hub which will train new fashion professionals so as to combat unemployment, SOFFA Factory where clothes, shoes and accessories will be manufactured and SOFFA Textile that will source 100% Greek, ethically produced, textiles from organic, recycled and natural raw materials, while using traditional printing methods and natural colourings.


“The solution for all of humanity’s big problems lies in the hands of visionaries who invest their income in social initiatives. In Greece, a lack of understanding of how finance works has led to huge social innovation capital going unnoticed”, says Dr Zafeiropoulou.

40 million people are victims of trafficking, one in four being a child. Only 1% of all victims of the sex trade are rescued and 80% end up becoming victims again due to their financial status. Greece occupies the unenviable 2nd place internationally when it comes to people trafficking due to its high influx of refugees.


This is a social phenomenon affecting every country and it doesn’t necessarily involve moving people illegally.  It takes on various guises, such as forced labour, organised begging, sexual manipulation, forced marriage, child labour and maid slavery.

According to Dr Zafeiropoulos, there is an increased awareness when it comes to issues of modern day slavery, which is a good sign.  As a result of this trend, SOFFA organised the Raise Your Voice festival last November.

“It’s important to ask #whomademyclothes, under what kind of circumstances and what materials were used”, is Dr Zafeiropoulos’ advice to us all.




Nancy Fanara

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