Mykonos Airport is Changing

Fraport Greece is investing 25 millions euros in Mykonos airport and adding 3200 square meters to the existing building. The new airport will be delivered in 2021.

The new Mykonos airport, to be delivered in 2021, aims to combine modern architecture and traditional Cycladic island style. 



Fraport Greece will invest 25 million euros to update the airport so it can live up to the expectations of its visitors, while at the same time being respectful to the island’s traditional character. 





The plans were presented at the Fraport Greece event in Mykonos. It was obvious that the locals’ requests for it to seamlessly become part of the island’s existing landscape were taken into consideration. 

When one thinks of traditional Aegean buildings, nothing is more distinctive than the “peristerones” or local dovecotes. The new Mykonos airport will be a huge dovecote, across 13.350 square meters with 16 check-in desks (instead of the existing 14): 7 in the main building, 4 more remote and 3 that can be moved outside during especially busy periods. There will be an additional gate added, which should speed up boarding procedures, an automated luggage-handing system and two new VIP areas. 



According to Fraport Greece the new airport will be able to handle 1 million arrivals every year, instead of the 750,000 it handles at the minute with some amount of difficulty for both staff and visitors. The redevelopment will add 3200 square meters to the existing facilities. 

“We are very proud of the plans for the new Mykonos airport, as it combines both our company’s vision and that of local residents, after conducting an open dialogue with them. The airport will be a great example of Cycladic architecture. We have already implemented a series of upgrades on a technical level, while the building work continues” Fraport Greece’s managing director, Alexander Zinell, said at the event. 

The two architectural practices who are working on the redevelopment, K-STUDIO and BETAPLAN, have got a difficult task ahead of them as they’re asked to unify a building that has had continuous additions from 1971 onwards.






Nancy Fanara

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