Tinos Trails: Unique walking paths in mesmerizing Tinos

Τinos Trails is the official, council endorsed, walking path network on Tinos island

Springtime, when nature is at its best and the temperature is still mild, is the best time for hill walking. There is no better way to discover a place than to actually walk it.

This is now a straightforward pursuit in beautiful Tinos, where an official walking path network was unveiled, named Tinos Trails. It’s a walking network spanning 150 kilometres, where the visitor can explore the hidden side of what is called “the handmade island”.



Tinos Trails, by bringing back to life old walking paths, opened up the island to visitors who are now able to discover its impressive geology, unique traditional villages, famous marble quarries, as well as award winning food.

Tinos’ deputy mayor, Anastasia Deligiannis, spoke to A Magic Cabinet about the uneveiling, which was supported by the Prefecture of the Southern Aegean.

Tinos Trails took on the redesign of the path network, its sign posting and promotion. “The path network was re-evaluated so it could become more attractive to visitors” says Anastasia Deligianni. There are now paths that lead to the sea, ones that go through traditional settlements or even to the island’s unique quarries



At the minute there are 12 walks to enjoy, one prettier than the next. We would highly recommend walking through the mills, the “marble villages” and the quarries themselves. Where to start? The path that begins in Pyrgos, goes through the marble museum and then heads to Pyrgos’ windmills. It continues on to Panormos, along the coastal route toward Rochari beach. From Rochari and via a forgotten, but wildly beautiful ravine, a stone path leads to Platia.


You can also follow the trail from Volakas village, which is surrounded by big round granite rocks of volcanic extraction. Or even the path starting at Mamados, via Malli Koumela and Marla, which ends back in Mamados. The downhill part towards Malli has a wonderful, uninterrupted view of Andros. Walkers needs to have hiking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, long trousers and a walking stick. It is not advisable to walk alone and having a flashlight and a charged mobile phone is a must. Smoking doesn’t help walkers and it also increases the risk of fire.


The downhill part towards Malli has a wonderful, uninterrupted view of Andros

  Imagem   Photo Credits:www.pathsofgreece.gr    




Nancy Fanara

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