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Features - 21.05.2020


Akeso cosmetics, enriched with premium organic olive oil and spring water from Mount Taygetus, will enhance your natural beauty.  
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Features - 14.05.2020


Discover Pamako and their unique olive oil made exclusively from olives of the Tsounati variety, grown on some of the oldest and highest olive trees in the Mediterranean.
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Features - 14.05.2020

The Apokoronian Origins

Meet Yiannis Kapokakis and the products of The Apokoronian Origins which bring to your kitchen table all the enchanting aromas and the unique flavours of Crete.
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Features - 30.04.2020


Innovative and natural cosmetics brand, Verolive, has arrived to change your daily beauty routine.
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Features - 16.04.2020

Kizi Design Studio

Discover Kizi Design Studio and their handmade creations, known for their pared back, geometrical patterns.  
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Features - 10.04.2020

Salty Bag

Stratis Andreadis gives upcycled sails a new life by turning them into unique bags. Salty Bag started a new trend in sustainable fashion in Greece.  
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Features - 04.04.2020


Eleni and Spyros capture mesmerizing Mediterranean aromas in their wonderful, handmade candles.  
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Features - 05.04.2020

Stories of Greek Origins

Anastasia and Dimitris choose the rarest and most precious gifts Greek nature has to offer and deliver them to your table.
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Features - 19.03.2020

Dimitris Kalergis

Meet Dimitris Kalergis and his uniquely stylish, but practical, products, all handmade and environmentally friendly.  
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Features - 20.03.2020

grizo & prasino

Meet Kostas and Angeliki that turn every grey day into “green” with their organic infusions made from whole herb leaves.
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Features - 06.03.2020

The Nutlers

Delicious Nutlers nut butters are ideal for making sweet or savoury snacks. Free from sugar, salt and preservatives, they contribute to a balanced diet.  
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Features - 20.02.2020


Discover the unique SkourasMed cosmetics that were created to remedy any type of skin problem.
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Features - 12.07.2019

A Grandfather’s Desk

There is no room I love so much as the study of my grandfather’s house in Hermoupolis. A chamber of nautical curiosities.
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