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Features - 23.10.2020


Efkrato is an exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil of limited production from the ancient Tsounati variety.
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Features - 08.10.2020


Tilia’s beeswax products are all-natural cosmetics inspired by the traditional Greek “keralifi”.
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Features - 24.09.2020

Domaine Costa Lazaridi

Domaine Costa Lazaridi offers a selection of aged balsamic vinegars with rich aromas that can elevate any dish.
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Features - 10.09.2020

Grandma Stella

Grandma Stella's 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, is harvested with zeal in Lesvos and carries a very meaningful story.
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Features - 10.09.2020

Katerina Latoufi

Katerina Latoufi adopts traditional techniques to create objects with a contemporary twist
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Features - 21.08.2020


theOliveSense focuses on 100% natural, handmade cosmetic products based on their own extra-virgin olive oil produced in Nemea, in the region of Corinth
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Features - 10.09.2020


Nemertes' philosophy is rooted in the mythological heritage of the land of Greece.
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Features - 11.08.2020


Olesophia's First Harvest Manaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is entirely made from Manaki handpicked olives which are harvested in very few parts of Greece.
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Features - 02.07.2020


Patrikon pasteli is handmade from the purest and most densely nutritious ingredients
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Features - 26.06.2020


Rotate's objects are based on Irene Vergitsis' artworks and they are distinguished by their elaborate motifs and linear design.
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Features - 18.06.2020


Nikolas and his team firmly believe that honey is a natural treasure and harvest it with care in its pristine raw form.
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Features - 12.06.2020

Morocco: Rest and Discovery

Old houses with cathedral ceilings were packed with coiled carpets and kilims, inlaid boxes, antique ceramics, bottles, swords and other wonders which were both a visual buffet and also a cultural lesson.
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Features - 15.06.2020

Sotirale Family

Sotirale Family produce remarkable olive oils and a range of authentic Greek products.  
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Features - 12.07.2019

A Grandfather’s Desk

There is no room I love so much as the study of my grandfather’s house in Hermoupolis. A chamber of nautical curiosities.
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