Contributors - 27.02.2020

Funky Gourmet

Georgianna Chiliadaki and Nikos Roussos, the founders of the Michelin awarded Funky Gourmet restaurant open their own magic cabinet. It is full of memories, aromas, flavours, their loved ones and plans for the future
Contributors - 11.02.2020

Maya Tsoclis

The  vibrant Maya Tsoclis opens her own magic cabinet and guides us around her carefree black and white summers, travels and "treasures".
Contributors - 24.01.2020

Andreas Lagos

Andreas Lagos, the nomadic chef, opens up his own magic cabinet and introduces us to his favourite objects and the unique flavours of Samos island.
Contributors - 07.02.2020

Stelios Parliaros

Stelios Parliaros, who changed the course of pastry making in Greece, opens his Magic Cabinet, full of his favourite objects, meaningful gifts and memories.
Contributors - 31.12.2019

Alkisti Poulopoulou

Actress Alkisti Poulopoulou, who stars in «Lulu», one of the most talked about plays of the year, opens up her Magic Cabinet and reveals vintage finds, heirlooms and secrets.
Contributors - 27.09.2019

Christina Moniodis

Greek-American businesswoman, former HuffPost chief of staff, and corporate lawyer recounts her Magic Cabinet, which summons cherished thoughts, convictions and even sensory experiences which she seeks to preserve in her mind.
Contributors - 28.08.2019

Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi opens her Music Cabinet and reveals a lifetime of memories filled with music, happiness and childhood mischief
Contributors - 25.07.2019

Marina Vernicos

The award-winning photographer who captures breathtaking landscapes around the world talks about her favourite shots and the personal treasures of her magic cabinet
Contributors - 01.08.2019

Nobu Matsuhisa

The superstar chef, restaurateur and hotelier shares the elements of his magic cabinet and his favourite objects of delight and inspiration
Contributors - 12.07.2019

Sotiris Kontizas

The culinary maestro at the vanguard of modern Greek-Japanese cuisine reveals the ingredients of his captivating cabinet of curiosities
Contributors - 26.06.2019

Alexandra Llewellyn

The designer of bespoke backgammon boards writes about the influences that spark her relentless creativity and her inspirations from around the world
Contributors - 28.05.2019

Eugenia Chandris: My Magic Cabinet

The recollection of childhood summers evoked a seasoned memory of selected gifts contained in a painted cabinet. This is how the joy of reclaiming and savouring products has been translated into a contemporary internet enterprise

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