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The Cyclades, mythical islands baked by relentless sun and brushed by restless winds. The light is sharp and startling as you gaze out at an eternity of white, chalky plaster houses contrasting against a rocky backdrop of grey and black…engulfed by the limitless blue of the Aegean.

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Let me take you on a journey to my homeland of Greece and beyond, sharing the extraordinary products I discover, introducing the artisans who create them and telling the narrative of their heritage.
Referencing in retrospect the treasured cabinets of the past, we select and display contemporary wonders, offering an alternative and unique ecommerce experience.


Greek & Artisanal Essentials

A Magic Cabinet proudly honours the art of the dissaki.

Believing that presentation is as valuable as contents, create a unique gift with our ethical packaging

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Features - 29.07.2020


Nemertes' philosophy is rooted in the mythological heritage of the land of Greece.
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Features - 16.07.2020


Olesophia's First Harvest Manaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is entirely made from Manaki handpicked olives which are harvested in very few parts of Greece.
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